Monday 14th June — Thursday 17th June 2021

Newbury Dramatic Society - Acting by Nick Card

Bishopstoke Players - Shared Space by Peter Yates


SUP Theatre Company - And Tell Sad Stories of the Deaths of Queens by Tennesse Williams

Brightlight Theatre Company - Of All The Things I Have Lost by Jamie Lakritz

Starcast Drama Company - Do You Recognise Me

Studio Theatre - Flock of Tigers by John Finnemore

Bench Theatre - A Dangerous Woman by Paul King

Swanmore College - Tick Tock

Chameleon Theatre Company - Effies Burning by Valerie Windsor


Light UP - Chatroom by Enda Walsh


Itchen College - How to Defeat Sexism by Amber George and Elle Stokes

Mountbatten School - Brainstorm by Ned Glasier, Emily Lim

Bench Theatre - Risk by Lucy Flannery

UP to Something Acting Troupe - The Village Fate by Ryan Hayward

SUP Theatre Company - Ghost Story by Mark Ravenhill

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