Tuesday 26th — Saturday 30th March 2019

Totton Festival of Drama 2019

Day 1: Tuesday 26th March

Mountbatten School

Brainstorm by Ned Glasier, Emily Lim

Brainstorm by Ned Glasier is an ensemble play exploring how teenagers’ brains work, and why they’re designed by evolution to be the way they are. The play is comprised of a skeleton script, enabling the talented cast to devise and script elements of their own dialogue, drawing directly on their personal experiences.

Starcast Drama Company

Do You Recognise Me? devised by the cast

Inspired by the harrowing stories of those who have suffered, and are still suffering due to the Syrian Refugee crisis. Our narrative takes the audience on a journey, through the eyes of the men, women and children who have had no choice but to flee for their lives. It is easy to distance ourselves from such stories, to watch it on the news and choose to ignore the pain, and even to somehow blame those who are the victims. In this piece we want....., no - we need our audience to listen, to hear, and to recognise.

Bishopstoke Players

Shared Space by Peter Yates

Having set up ‘camp’ again on the streets of Bristol, Paul is surprised to see he gets a new ‘neighbour’ for the night, in the shape of J, a girl on the road of survival. Living on the street invites attention, some welcome, some unwanted. As they share their history, share their hopes, they also discover there’s a time to relinquish independence in favour of the possibility of love.

Day 2: Wednesday 27th March

Swanmore College

Tick Tock devised by the cast

This devised piece of theatre looks at social media platforms and cyber bullying. We follow the story of The Girl who is trapped inside a social media Escape Room. As we see the story played out we realise all is not as it should be.

Newbury Dramatic Society

Acting by Nick Card

An immersive and entertaining theatrical experience where the line between fiction and reality blurs with disturbing consequences.

The cast perform a play where the mother of a well-to-do family has recently died and her four surviving daughters are all eager to claim as much of the inheritance as possible. However, it soon becomes apparent that this will be no ordinary production as the actors are forced to include a horrifying aspect to their performance. Likewise, a terrifying and dangerous threat hangs over the audience too so they are also trapped in this nightmare.

This dark thriller breaks the boundary between performer and audience so they are journeying together on a hellish ride into the uncertain but is it for real or is it just acting?

Day 3: Thursday 28th March

Chameleon Theatre Company

Effie's Burning by Valerie Windsor

Effie, who has lived in mental institutions since the age of thirteen, has been admitted to hospital with severe burns. Treating her is Dr Ruth Kovacs, who finds in Effie's extraordinary story of injustice and official callousness the key to her own suppressed anger and power. Taut and powerful, tender and often funny, Effie's Burning is an emotional switchback of a play, with a searing anger at its heart.

Bench Theatre

Risk by Lucy Flannery

Risk is a poignant, yet comedic, reminder of how the legalities and 'what if's' of contemporary life affect the traditional values of marriage. As a battle of the head and the heart unfolds, which one will ultimately prevail?

Day 4: Friday 29th March

Itchen College

How to Defeat Sexism by Amber George and Elle Stokes

Two women tired of depictions of women on screen and social media, decide to end sexism once and for all. With fast paced wit they dissect media representations of females in a post feminist landscape.

Studio Theatre

Flock of Tigers by John Finnemore

Taken from the radio series Double Acts by John Finnemore, A Flock of Tigers is a warm, funny play about what happens when two strangers meet on the train from London to Oxford in 1934. She wants to talk, he doesn't, but they find things to say about parenthood, growing up and games of make-believe in a field full of tigers.

SUP Theatre Company

And Tell Sad Stories of the Deaths of Queens by Tennesse Williams

A tragicomic melodrama by famed US playwright Tennessee Williams, Candy Delaney is a successful interior decorator in steamy New Orleans: a drag queen approaching her 35th birthday, and on the rebound from a 17-year relationship. On the day of the dreaded birthday, her latest 'friend' - a rough sailor - walks out...

This play contains strong language and adult themes.

Day 5: Saturday 30th March - Afternoon

UP to Something Acting Troupe

The Village Fate by Ryan Hayward

Take a typical village fete, a traditional affair until Samantha Senior is voted in as Social Secretary. Sam, with her very new age ideas, soon starts making enemies in the village, and especially with the no-nonsense Chairwomen of the Committee, Harriet Armitage. Mysteriously, Sam takes a leave of absence the week of the fete. It is up to her husband, Jack – a fast-talking American businessman, to salvage things. Jack, having agreed to have his company sponsor the fete, has his own way of doing things. Like Sam, he also naively thinks he will be able to talk the devoted volunteers around to change their long-standing methods. The fate of the Village Fate is anyone’s guess!

Bench Theatre

A Dangerous Woman by Paul King

Kitty Marion was an actress and suffragette who worked tirelessly for women's rights; fighting for better working conditions, exposing corruption, and standing up for female performers against ruthless and abusive agents. This is her story.

Brightlight Theatre Company

Of all the things I have lost by Jamie Lakritz

Three pictures. Black and white and grainy. Three pictures that told an entire story. Beginning, middle and end.”

A child is missing, taken from her mother. A chance meeting between two women, both guarding secrets. An innocent conversation makes forgotten whispers and old regrets resurface, and the startling truth reveals itself. What do you do when the past won't stay buried?

Day 5: Saturday 30th March - Evening

Light UP

Chatroom by Enda Walsh

‘Chatroom’ sees six teenagers communicating solely online. Their conversations range in subject from Willy Wonka to Britney Spears to suicide. Jim is depressed and talks of ending his life. Eva and William decide to do their utmost to persuade him to carry out his threat. From this chilling premise is forged a funny, compelling and uplifting play that tackles the issues of teenage life head-on and with great understanding.

SUP Theatre Company

Ghost Story by Mark Ravenhill

A satirical look at 'positive thinking', exploring issues ranging from faith healing to women's relationships, poignantly depicting the lies and half-truths we tell ourselves and each other. Director Troy Chessman: “The power lies in the dialogue: the script allows three actresses wonderfully poignant and powerful moments.”

Our 2019 Adjudicator

We are really looking forward to welcoming Jennifer Scott Reid (GODA) to the Totton Festival for 2019.

Jennifer is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and has over 30 years experience in all aspects of theatre and is currently the vice chair of the Guild of Drama Adjudicators.

She is an adjudicator in high demand and we are pleased to have her adjudicating at Totton. In the last four years she has presided over 25 festivals, most recently the 2018 British Final in Scotland.

This will be her first visit to the Totton Festival of Drama

Hanger Farm Arts Centre

The Totton Festival of Drama will take place in the Hanger Farm Arts Centre. We have been at Hanger farm since it was refurbished in 2005. It's a wonderful cosy venue which is perfect for our local groups to perform in.

Further rounds

All England Theatre Festival Round 2

Western Area Quarter Final

4th May 2019

Adjudicator: Colin Dolley GoDA

All England Theatre Festival Round 3

Western Area Semi Final

11th May 2019

All England Theatre Festival Round 4

English Final

8th June 2019

All England Theatre Festival Round 5

British Final

6th & 7th July 2018

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