Tuesday 20th – Saturday 24th March

Totton Festival of Drama 2018

Day 1: Tuesday 20th March

SUP Theatre Company

Darlings, You were Wonderful! by Derek Lomas

The all-female Amazon Theatre company are entering the ambitious 17th Century Spanish drama “The Well of Defilement” by Juan Ruiz de Aragon into their local drama festival. As they prepare in the dressing room, personalities, affairs, backstage tensions and a missing heroine all threaten to bring things to a halt – can they pull through this and create a play that will impress the adjudicator?

UP To Something Acting Troupe

The Virtuous Burglar by Dario Fo

A burglar is minding his own business when he is rudely interrupted by the owner of the house and his ... mistress and then the wife of the house and her lover... Caught up in an absurd love pentagon the Burglar is pushed from pillar to post as he is dragged into the couples lies. Why can't stealing ever be simple? An absurdly comic play.

SUP Theatre Company

Bully Beef and Whizzbangs by Chris Hawley

Set on the battlefields of France during the Autumn of 1916, it takes a wry and often humorous look at life in the trenches through the eyes of its two reluctant heroes. Smudger, a new arrival at The Front, is keen to shoot his first Jerry whilst Harry is more interested in keeping his head down, thinking of home and enjoying a well-deserved ‘brew’. Stuck in a hole, surrounded by mud and death, how will our boys cope with the ever-present danger of being shot or blown to smithereens?

Day 2: Wednesday 21st March

The Romsey School Community Youth Theatre (RSCoYT)

Butcher, Butcher, Burning Bright by Mark Wheeller

Molly & Ian are hot for each other. Stueey can be a real bright spark. Mr Butcher’s comments have inflamed Shuttle. All in all, it’s combustible material, but when you play with fire it can be more than your fingers that get burnt.

Bishopstoke Players

What If? by Peter Yates

A troubled girl is contemplating suicide after her boyfriend rejects her over the death of their baby. She is watched over by an angel and the devil. Can their spirit reach her conscience and influence the girls final decision?

Day 3: Thursday 22nd March

Studio Theatre, Ashley Road

The Twelve Pound Look by J.M. Barrie

Pompous Harry Sims is to be knighted. His second wife Emmy has employed a typist to handle all the thank you letters that must be written as the notes of congratulation stream in. But when the typist turns up, her face is familiar. She was the first Mrs Sims, who walked out on Harry 14 years before and he never discovered why. Was there another man? And if not, why else would she bolt?

JM Barrie was a huge advocate of women’s rights and wrote this play in support of the suffrage movement.

Bay House School & 6th Form

Sideliners by Imogen Cottrill & Ed Sawkins-Brown

Ben and Jenny don’t have much. Friends since ‘the good old days’ when houses could be afforded, the two spend their days sitting in Fair Ham train station, watching and learning about humanity in the 21st Century. In this new play by debut writers Edward Sawkins-Brown and Imogen Cottrill, they re-live the strangest things they have witnessed in their decades at the station as well as moments of their own lives.

Studio Theatre, Ashley Road

How The Vote Was Won by Cicely Hamilton & Christopher St John

Horace and Ethel Cole find themselves under siege as the women of the country down tools, give up their jobs and turn up at the home of their nearest male relative, demanding board and lodging. During the course of the afternoon, sisters, nieces, aunts and black sheep of the family arrive on Horace’s doorstep and tell him he has to support them until women are given the vote.

Day 4: Friday 23rd March

The Young Creatives Portsmouth

Me, My Selfie and I by Jonathan Dorf

We live in a world of social media, one in which we seem to be recording our every experience. But are we making memories or missing out on them? Through a series of scenes and monologues —everything from an accidental first date to a most unusual art exhibit to creating that last, best selfie— we meet a group of teens who are struggling to find the balance between documenting their lives and living them.

Curious Pheasant Theatre

Constellations by Nick Payne

One relationship. Infinite possibilities.

'Let's go for a drink. I don't know what I'm doing here anyway. One drink. And if you never want to see me again you never have to see me again.'

Nick Payne's Constellations is a play about free will and friendship; it's about quantum multiverse theory, love and honey.

Bench Theatre

Your Forever by Mark Wakeman

Claire invites Steve to the pub to break up with him. A comedy drama.

Day 5: Saturday 24th March

Bishopstoke Players

No Easy Road by Peter Yates

Niall and Faye are delighted on hearing their son Jamie has got engaged to the lovely Roisin. Jamie though has a secret and a personal dilemma; should he live a lie with Roisin or ruin their future?

Chameleon Theatre Company - Chandlers Ford

Housebound by Simon Mawdsley

An agoraphobic housewife is taken hostage by a reluctant villain. As the desperate moments tick by, an uneasy rapport develops between the unlikely companions, which is tense, touching and very funny.

Bench Theatre

Thirty Six Candles by Mark Wakeman

A comedy about old friends getting together to celebrate a birthday and realising that their forties is approaching.

Mike Kaiser, Our 2018 Adjudicator

Our adjudicator for our 2018 Festival will be Mike Kaiser from the Guild of Drama Adjudicators.

Mike has spent over thirty years teaching English and Drama. Originally from Manchester, he has lived for over forty years in Shropshire where he was Head of English and Theatre Studies at the Sixth Form College in Telford.

For all of that time, he has been active in amateur theatre, winning many awards for acting, directing and writing.

He's been of GODA since 1999 and during that time he's adjudicated in every part of the UK and also the Republic of Ireland but this will be his first visit to Totton!

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